New Display 32 soaps sheets cases - Rêves de Caro Fraise / Ocean / Rose / View larger

Display 32 soaps sheets cases - Rêves de Caro Fraise / Ocean / Rose /


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Having your hands always clean and fragrant, it is as pleasant as necessary, but not always easy to do.

Delicate, elegant in their beautiful case illustrated by Les Rêves de Caro, these soap sheets offer an effective solution in every respect.

As handy in a purse as in a backpack, in a suit pocket as in a travel kit, they can be used anywhere, in the city or in the country, in a public washroom, in the office, on a trip, etc.

The delicacy of these innovative leaves is the gift you can give yourself.

4 scents: pink, green tea, strawberry and ocean

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Case containing 20 sheets of soap

Case dimensions: 55 x 75 x 0.4mm

Packaging: 32 case display box

To make the most of it, nothing is easier: still dry hands, place a sheet in the palm, a trickle of water, then the usual gestures to lather, water to rinse, and hand hygiene is ensured! Fruits of a complex alchemy whose reliability is carefully controlled by a French laboratory, these amazing soap leaves eliminate annoyances, bacteria or viruses, at the same time as they avoid any aggression against the skin.