Logo Hirondelles & Cie

Hirondelles & Cie is the story of an encounter.

That of a small company, rich in history, eager to offer different products and talented French illustrators in search of a publisher.

Why this name? We lend the swallow the virtues of good luck and luck, but it also symbolizes the renewal, we added company, because our joyful assembly is growing to welcome our 4 creators of shock!

And then, the last word… isn’t there a little bit of Them in swallows?

Our concept:

We are always looking for gift ideas for our loved ones, but we do not want to offer them something ordinary, «banal». We want to make them happy by winking at them with what they like: a quote, a proverb, an illustration… Something that can make our gift unique and especially, in the image of the one to whom it is intended.

You will therefore find in our catalog original, unique decorative objects and gifts. Beautifully decorated articles in collaboration with 4 French illustrators whose fame is well established: Créa-bisontine, Zabeil, Les Rêves de Caro and Emilie Jauvrit.

Because the future of our beautiful planet is one of the challenges that animate the Hirondelle & Cie team, we make a point of honor to develop products created and printed in France, but also products from recycled materials.

By creating Hirondelle & Cie, we wanted to develop a brand that resembles us with a friendly, warm and joyful universe! It is the very symbol of the family spirit that drives our small business, like the last baby in the family.