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  • Le Bonheur est partout

    Our favorite collection where colorful flowers and animals intersect. Elegant illustrations carried by a universal positive message.

  • Suis ton intuition

    Freely inspired by divinatory tarot games, this collection gives pride of place to the major phases of the moon with soft colors and delicate patterns.

  • Les beaux moments

    A dinner with friends, a family reunion, a romantic evening... And you, how are your beautiful moments?

  • La famille c'est tout

    All is said ! Créabisontine signs a subtle collection around its essentials. Discover this red-tinted collection that highlights endearing messages.

  • Fleurever

    An ode to femininity with this line-drawn collection. Harmonious curves, grace. A bestseller!

  • Cat lovers

    Cat lover? Succumb to these three pretty collections!

  • La vie est belle

    A new positive message for this very elaborate collection. Let yourself be seduced by the sophistication of these illustrations.

  • Aime comme...

    A PUN by Créabisontine

  • Coeur de rockeur

    A retro pop rock theme full of fantasy and 100% optimistic nostalgia!

  • Paon Paon pidou

    A very decorative theme around the peacock. Like a magazine leader, our peacock plays the star!

  • Forêt florale

    A blue of remarkable intensity, animals hidden in revisited autumnal foliage, a colorful collection.

  • Tu me donnes des ailes

    A little art deco side gives strength to this illustration which mixes poetry, colors and graphic spirit.

  • Retro love

    A retro vintage theme with a nostalgic and bohemian look. Vintage 70's patterns associated with the pastel coloring of the 50's.

  • Tu es...

    An enchanting and positive ex voto in the image of Zabeil. A harmonious and enchanting collection.

  • Theière

    It's teatime ! Soft colors, a delicate liberty. Success guaranteed...

  • Body postive

    Love yourself, love your body! Flavie proclaims loud and clear in a peppy and girly style that each body type has the right to show off their summer body in a bikini.

  • Tigre

    A dreamy white tiger, a playful red tiger, tropical flowers, original patterns for a joyful collection.

  • Tricotine

    A great softness emerges from this collection. We imagine ourselves by the fire knitting, drinking hot chocolate or daydreaming...

  • Spring floral

    This pepsy and tangy pattern brings cheerfulness and lightness. No room for gloom!

  • Floral rose

    With this elegant warm floral pattern, dare the Bohemian Chic in burgundy red tones.

  • Coquelicot

    All the magic of poppy red to bring joy and liveliness.

  • Léopard

    A timeless leopard pattern for a chic and sensual effect.

  • De l'amour et des...

    In cupcake or love version, this romantic collection is a guaranteed success!

  • Femme à la plage

    Like this beautiful woman in the hat, look at the horizon and let your mind wander through these magnificent shades of blue...

  • Esprit paris

    Paris will always be Paris, for French or international tourists. On the terrace of a café, with a view of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy the city of love.

  • Paon

    Inspired by the majestic beauty of the peacock, discover this collection with delicate feathers and deep colors.

  • Liberty branches

    A poetic and imaginary getaway where branches and flowers intertwine. A palette of vibrant colors, evoking the sweetness of the season.

  • Liberty brush

    A reinvented liberty where the grace of floral patterns meets the gesture of drawing. This fresh and poetic collection is a tribute to Emilie's inspiring bucolic walks.

  • Liberty romance

    A must-have for fashion and decoration.

  • Fleurs des champs

    Inspired by walks in the middle of the fields, these patterns capture the brilliance and depth of the colors of wildflowers.

  • Colibri

    A sumptuous shade for this hummingbird designed by Emilie. Almost a classic!

  • Amour

    A true ode to life, inspired by Cocteau and Matisse.

  • Maman poule
  • De tout mon coeur
  • Sea Reine
  • Jardin de cottage
  • Portrait d'un oiseau
  • Bouquet d'amour
  • Floral folk
  • Vacances rétro
  • Psyché Summer
  • Enjoy
  • Dolce Vita
  • Paris 2024