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  • Créa-Bisontine
    Graphic designer, illustrator, Sandrine Laprade is an artist from Besançon better known as Créa-bisontine, creator of illustrated objects for the home. She has always seen the extra in the ordinary and feels concerned by everything around her. She would have liked to be a comedian to make people laugh. She finally chose the pencils to sometimes amaze sometimes write positive messages.
  • Zabeil
    Entering the world of "Zabeil" is like plunging into a cotton candy colored world, where mischievous animals, laughing characters and retro objects roam around: there floats a wind of sweetness, poetry and tender humour. In her studio near Nantes, Flavie, a multifaceted designer and tireless dreamer, mania delicate lines and flat pastels to create very personal illustrations that sparkle the child's soul that lies dormant in each of us.
  • Les Rêves de Caro
    Caroline Massot is a watercolor illustrator and founder of the brand Les Rêves de Caro. Thanks to this light and fluid technique, she illustrates the moments of life. She likes to transmit happiness, carelessness. Welcome to his cheerful and colorful universe.
  • Emilie Gauvrit
    Illustrator and designer for major brands for 10 years, Emilie draws in her name for Hirondelles & Cie, a collection that resembles her and revisits her greatest successes. On the banks of the Loire, she draws her inspiration from the small daily pleasures to design colorful patterns imbued with softness.